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Liberate Georges

Liberate Georges

I will not regret, I will not compromise, and I will keep RESISTing

George Abdallah honored in Bagnolet

Publié par Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH sur 23 Janvier 2014, 20:49pm

George Abdallah a freedom fighter in prison since 1984 and is one of the oldiest political prisoners in the world. He has spent 30 years in French prisons. On December 11th, he was nominated as the honorary citizen in a communist town called Bagnolet, near Paris .

It is the third town after Calonne-Ricouart and Grenay that honors comrade George.

CRIF, the zionist lobby in France, wrote to the first secretary of the French communist party (PCF) asking him to condemn the decision of Bagnolet's mayor, but the secretary didn't answer to their demands. The PCF has already declared his full support to comrade George and on many occasions.

Other associations like AFVT (French Association for Victimes of terrorism) started a media pressure campaign against the decision of the mayor Marc Everbecq accusing him of honoring a terrorist.


In response to that, a detailed article from the Bganolet's associations federation (GAB) revealed the history of AFVT. AFVT started its activities against the Algerian struggle for independancy where it considered resistants against French occupation in Algeria as terrorists !


The right wing party deputies (UMP) tried to stop the celebration of the decision by writing to the mayor of the region who is socialist. The Socialist Party (PS) who governs in France and who is responsible for the abusive detention of comrade responded to the pressures. The socialist mayor cancelled at the last minute the prescribed hall for the celebration in Cin'Hoche. Luckily, The mayor of the town, Marc Everbecq, resisted to all the pressures and held the political ceremony in the town hall, in the exact auditorium where the vote took place.

Finally the celebration succeded with over than 250 participants.

Many persons expressed their solidarity :

- Marc Everbecq, mayor of Bagnolet
- André Delcourt, mayor of Calonne-Ricouart (who honored comrade George in May 2012)
- Christian Champiré, mayor of Grenay (who honored comrade Georges in June 2012)
- Christophe Oberlin, surgeon and activist who visits Gaza- Palestine regularly
- Taher Elabadi, president of Palestinian Youth's Movement
- Omar Benderra, journalist, specialist of the Arabe world
- Comrades supporting Georges Ibrahim Abdallah in Bagnolet
- Youcef Brakni, activist and a member of "Groupe des Associations de Bagnolet".

TV report in Spanish :


George Abdallah honored in Bagnolet
George Abdallah honored in Bagnolet
George Abdallah honored in Bagnolet
George Abdallah honored in Bagnolet
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Obat Kutil Kelamin AMPUH 19/05/2014 17:40

This was a fantastic article. Really loved reading your we blog post. The information was very informative and helpful...

FactChecker (TM) 08/04/2014 14:28

You left out the part where he murdered two people in the streets of Paris and gravely wounded a third in another French city. Might want to include that right after the term, "Freedom Fighter."


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