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Liberate Georges

Liberate Georges

I will not regret, I will not compromise, and I will keep RESISTing

23 october 2012 - the court will be hold !

Publié par Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH sur 9 Octobre 2012, 21:02pm

Judicial proceedings concerning the 8th release demand of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is on its way.

The court will be held in Lannemezan on 23 October 2012 at 14:30 in the presence of George and his lawyer who deposited a request for a conditional release on January 24, 2012.

Was the date chosen by coincidence? The day that follows, October 24, 2012, is the anniversary day of his arrest in 1984, his 29th year of detention commemoration...

For the record, after a passage of six weeks at the evaluation national Centre of Fresnes, where Georges Abdallah underwent interviews evaluating the dangerosity of his political commitment, the multidisciplinary commission gave him a negative opinion on his release request.

According to a decree of November 3, 2008 (the law on preventive detention) - in the process to give George Abdallah his conditional release - an advisory opinion of the multidisciplinary committee is required, the courts can not give the judgment without having that opinion.

Today, the world commemorates the massacres of thousands of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila camps (1982). Since the UN couldn’t condemn the official criminals yet and the French government refuses so far to release this Lebanese resistant, then it is simply outrageous.

Georges is a resistant to imperialism, an activist of the Palestinian cause, a revolutionary communist who never denied his political commitment throughout his 28 years of incarceration.

His trial is a political trial. It is our collective political responsibility to demand his release.

Come say it loud and clear,

October 23 at 14:30, in front of the prison.

Free Georges Abdallah !

23 october 2012 - the court will be hold !
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