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Liberate Georges

Liberate Georges

I will not regret, I will not compromise, and I will keep RESISTing

Exchanging George with an israeli settler ?

Publié par Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH sur 2 Mai 2013, 14:43pm

The international campaign for the release of "George Abdallah" called today in a statement to exchange him with the Israeli prisoner arrested yesterday by the Lebanese army.
The international campaign for the release of Lebanese prisoners in France Georges Abdallah appealed to the exchange with the Israeli settler (Simon Saadati) who crossed the Lebanese border yesterday at "Labbouni" on the border zone region in "Ras Naqoura. "

The campaign said in a statement sent to three presidents and the commander of the Lebanese army

"An Israeli prisoner is currently under the Lebanese army arrestation. Pending the end of the investigation with him and clarifying his situation, we call the President of the Republic, the president of the Parliament and the president of the interim government, to use the legitimate right of exchanging this captive with:

- The prisoner Yahya SKAF and to clarify his fate,
- The missing Lebanese in Israeli jails, including Mohammed FARRAN , Maher KASSIR and Abdallah ALYAN;
- Recover the remains of the martyrs who fell in heroic confrontations with the Israeli enemy that keeps their bodies in "cemeteries of numbers";
- Georges Abdallah kidnapped in France for decades under public pressure from Israeli and American governments over the French state. "

Exchanging George with an israeli settler ?
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