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Liberate Georges

Liberate Georges

I will not regret, I will not compromise, and I will keep RESISTing

Statement 1987 at the trial 26-02-1987

Publié par Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH sur 13 Août 2012, 00:42am

Catégories : #usa imperialism occupation middle east georges ibrahim abdallah lebanon 1982 1978 resistance

Dear Sir or Madam.

That an Arab fighter being judged by a Special Court in the West, nothing is more normal. That he is called a criminal, really, nothing is new. Already, the "gangsters of the Aurès" (1), the "terrorists" in Palestine, and the "fanatics lepers" of Ansar and Khiam (2) were the names given to these honourable persons. They remind all those who have short memories about the heritage of your Western Judeo-Christian justice and civilization.

But that the criminal Yankee (3), the executioner of all the disinherited of the earth, is being here as the representative of the alleged victims in front of you, this pushes me to abstain from any comment on the nature of your Court and that the task assigned to it.

If, from the beginning, the representative of the Zionist entity seems to be missing at this scene, of course, it is neither modesty nor discretion on your part; the simple reason of its absence is that this entity isn’t more than a bridgehead for the west, it is an operational basis imperialists watchdogs, it is a miniature model of what we can expect from your bosses seeing their strategy of annihilation and balkanization (4). It is clear without saying it that in this Court, this entity is already represented: if not by its Yankee boss, it is represented by his counterpart General Counsel.

Not commenting the nature of this Court does not mean condoning its illegitimacy, without obscuring its perfect righteous which shows the chasm between your legal world and our real world, authentic representation of the peace achieved by your system, maintained by the annihilation of millions of people in our regions of the peripheries.

Despite the suffering of all peoples of the earth, your bosses impose peace and legality of their criminal system, where the war is its integral party, but you are mistaken if you expect that war will never go beyond the areas of the peripheries.

Forty years after the liberation of Paris, we see persisting in your country an almost obligatory reference of all your employers in the years of occupation, mystifying reference, tearful and boastful; one hand it hides the cowardice of those who would laugh at the holders of the yellow star, and who have discovered their manhood by supporting the crooks who exploit the terrible memories of Auschwitz and other crimes in your system. On the other hand, it also hides the reasons of illegal actions of these "terrorist lepers" in the Red poster (5) and their comrades who saved the honour of your country by fighting heroically against the order of criminals and their puppets. They fought here in France and elsewhere. They attacked wherever they could; caring less what impeded their legitimate struggle. Four years of occupation of your hexagon had highlighted the criminal legality of your imperialist system and have filled with honour all who were attached to the legitimacy of the fight. Of course, these "lepers terrorists" were not very numerous and the general "Massu" (6) were not included as an exception in their movement, but this does not prevent us to expect to see re-emerge "new leprosy" , many more, whose motion is devoid of "Massu" and engaging in the same battle of "plague" of the Middle and Near East, Asia, Africa and Central America to stop the legality of your peace guaranteed by the strategy of annihilation of your bosses in our peripheries areas. Fortunately, the news does not deny our hopes.

Of course, you are not here to talk politics, it is clear, you're just here to judge actions that disrupted the peace of your order to know the meaning of the peace "apolitical", nothing better than to refer to one of your wise bosses, one of the guarantors of your institutions [Mitterrand]. On the eve of one of your attacks against our people, didn’t he say: "This peace is better defended by war we do if we let things go, it is best preserved by our actions than by our inaction ".

It is this peace, gentlemen, the peace of the graveyard, that threaten the actions that you pretend to judge. This is the continuation of the war of extermination perpetrated by Reagan, the leader of your order, that is threatened. This is an imperialist war that this Court retains the right to sue.

No, gentlemen, this Court is far from being apolitical. No, gentlemen, your trial is far from being legitimate, it is part of the legal flag of the imperialist war waged against our people, thereby it is taking away even the good intentions of those who play the good offices with your bosses, and taking away illusions of those who believed that the viper hypocritically changes its nature by changing the skin.

What serenity and independence you mean by judging acts of war by isolating them from the mainstream of imperialist aggression perpetrated against our people? In which logic, you, the representatives of French imperialism, are not you involved in this war? What cynicism must have the representative of the criminal Reagan to appear as a victim and civil party in Paris when the U.S. Navy (7) prepares an assault on Beirut and other Arab cities? You must have a certain kinship with Goebbels in order to swallow this scene and who else but the Western imperialist authorities entitled to such garbage of history and their infamous family!

For nearly forty years, our people suffered attacks of all kinds. No weapons fail in this experimentation field where our people was used as guinea pigs. From the beginning of the century until today, nothing was spared by your bosses, speaking about the most infamous criminal conspiracies and the criminal massacres. Destruction and balkanization are combined under the banner of mystifying western human rights. Annihilation, the Americans and their watchdogs the Zionists are at present in charge to perpetrate it as cruel as possible. In balkanization, you Western, Europeans in this case, are the architects, the guardian angels of its continuity.

Our country gentlemen, is occupied, our people are uprooted. Occupants, the aggressors, are clear-eyed blond Western.

These are not propaganda slogans, they are women and men in flesh and bones ripped open, they are kids decapitated by hundreds. Every day there are deaths; every day there are planes that bomb and kill, and naval vessels are sowing death and destruction. Every day, your settlers collect more hostages, our people in the occupied territories is a hostage, the rest is a potential hostage or a potential victim.

Certainly, There is no gas chambers in Ansar or in Ashkelon, vacuum bombs and other jewels in your industry are more power than that, and your settlers are perfectly satisfied, at least until now. Everything is played according to the proportion of new settlers that you can provide, but also all happens according to the commitment of our people to the legitimacy to fight the order supplier of settlers, your criminal order. Of course, with all your satisfaction, balkanization still fulfil its functions, as long as prostitutes-puppets of your pimps are in place, they will remain there, rest assured, for a short term.

Gentlemen, I am not here to take your attention to the cruelty of the massacres against our people, you are not, moreover, so foreign to these massacres. I'm not here either to seek a conviction of the executioner; already the highest international level had supplied to us enough, but, those papers were not useful to us so much, especially not in 1982, neither before nor after, face the jewels of your murderous industry.

I am here, gentlemen, to ask you just to please wash your hands stained with our blood and the blood of our kids, before you pretend to judge us, because for who accepts to trample the blood of twenty-five thousand deaths fell in Lebanon during the imperialist-Zionist invasion of 1982 can only be the direct accomplice of Reagan and Begin in their war of extermination against our people. Twenty-five thousand dead in three months in honour of your peace, forty-five thousand wounded in the honour of your justice. For ninety days Beirut was held as an experimental field of US-Israeli weapons and yet the Reagan administration is the victim and civil party to you! Of course, nothing unusual in all this, despite the weak illusion of those who claim to detect a possible impartiality of France and its imperial justice.

That's the ABC of your justice, the heart of this trial and these charges which, incidentally, do me but honour that I have not deserved. If our people didn’t give me the honour of participating in the anti-imperialist actions you are attributing to me, at least I have the honour of being accused by your Court; at least I can defend their legitimacy facing the criminal law of the executioners, and I shout it loud: Fullers under foot every obstacle to the legitimacy of our struggle. We trample on the peace of any system which appears to us in terms of "Peace for Galilee".

I know very well that it is this position which is to criminalize, and it is according to this specific task that your justice is called to the order of Reagan administration. With all your "independence" and "impartiality" you have obeyed the call, and with confidence I will answer on behalf of what I represent: either there will be peace for our Arab people, and over the entire Arab world, or there will be peace for no one anywhere.

Of course, criminals and their Yankee counterparts Social-Democrats will just blame it on "fanatical terrorists", they violate the laws of imperialist peace and the basic rules of Western "tolerance" orchestrated by the cadence and the rhythm of bombshells of the [battleship] New Jersey and F-16 when it is not at the rate of those Super-Etendard and Jaguar.

Of course, the spirits "tolerant" and "Democrats" have a lot to be indignant about seeing the growth of "fanaticism" and "international terrorism", they never forget to display their "humanitarian solidarity" with the resistance against occupant with the only condition that victims obey the laws of the executioners, namely that the war should never go beyond the regions of the periphery and must never again disrupt their criminal peace.

Equally are understandable, the concern and fury of the "civilized" knights of the West of "human rights" and "freedom" against the "barbaric plague" of the Middle East. How not to understand their concern and disappointment: while all the masterpieces of their civilization are exposed under the sight of their "human rights" and their statue of the "freedom" all over Arab land - whether in Maaraké or in Zrarié, at Bir el Abd (8) or at Sabra and Chatila (9), Benghazi or Tripoli (10), not to mention others - always the same obstinacy in these "barbarians", this disappointment also points out to when your ancestors, for the same "civilizing" mission they had gone for nothing near Damascus.

This West Judeo-Christian imperialist that you represent, gentlemen, has not much to complain of "misunderstanding" of its values in our East and Muslim periphery -accused and criminalized, abused and dominated. Of course, it is not yet arrived to design statues of freedom equal to the New Jersey and its guns, nor F-16 and their bombs, but one should not recognize we got to receive them as we should! (11)

Of course, it hadn’t yet built in your cities statues of the "liberty" as that erected at Bir el Abed (for example) and hand-signed by Reagan, whose equipment is the modest eighty bodies charred and mangled, but with this, I can assure you that we could well emulate.

Sure, your indignation is quite clear with regard to our "intolerance" of Eastern Arabs Muslims, but does it indicate that we have understood your "tolerance" excellently expressed by Sharon and his hordes at Sabra and Ansar, by Begin and Shamir in Kfar Kassem and Deir Yassin (12), and we are convinced that it is not limited to the area of Arab and Muslim. It manifests itself as cruelly throughout the peripheries of your system: from Grenada to South Africa, from the Nicaraguan border to those of Angola, El Salvador and Chile to South Korea and Malaysia, there wherever there is Yankee, boss of your order, or his minions, there is death and destruction.

Yet he is a civil party and victim in Paris, or rather that’s why he can appear in a civil party in Paris instead of being accused at Nuremberg (13).

Of course, there is no reason that the executioner is accused, the victims are not more than Arabs, Africans, Asians and Latin Americans, and their extermination is not a crime nor a crime for Western justice.

It is in this spirit that the indictment has established its so-called irrefutable charge against me.

It is already clear that this Court I have no intention of commenting on the alleged charges, just letting you know that compared applied, as they are presented by the indictment, they are also irrefutable against "Mr. everyone "in France.

I just want to say to you who have the legal right to judge me and to all those who have the legitimacy to do so, the following fact: I am accused of murder and complicity because I have been in France before or after the attacks. So what about Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, who was in occupied Palestine in Kfar Hanassi when Zionist soldiers indulged in the worst excesses? What about the one who went to Beirut on Sharon's tanks in 1982 during the invasion of Lebanon to express its support for vanguards of your "free" world [Leotard (14)]? What about all those who indulged and still deliver the jewels of their arsenals to the aggressors of our people, from Jericho 2 to thermonuclear warhead of F-16? Of course, the comparison for you does not make sense, in the end they are Western, blond with blue eyes, and especially in the service of imperialist peace. But should we remind you that your argument will not be a charge in addition to those who have the legitimacy to judge them.

Knowing that the struggle of peoples does not advance depending on the length of statements of their fighters prisoners, I thank my captors for letting me express what I have to say despite the regime of isolation that is applied to me.

Speaking to you and my father, from whom I have no more news, I repeat the words of a veteran African "Wotta Sitta", which means in French: "the time is right "or rather" it's just time ... ", and I withdrew from this Court, leaving you the pleasure of listening to the representative of the executioner and his defence vomitting their hatred against the disinherited of this earth.

Down with imperialism and its lackeys!

Victory and glory to all peoples in struggle!

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Paris, February 23, 1987.


(1) Allusion to the fighters of the FLN during the war in Algeria, qualified as such by the French press of the time.

(2) Ansar is an Israeli concentration camp, Khiam concentration camp and torture of Lebanese fascist militia "South Lebanon Army" which was organized, armed and financed by Israel.

(3) Note that the U.S. was a civil trial of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

(4) The Balkanization is a typical imperialist policy which seeks to "divide and conquer" by splitting a country or region into multiple "states" and independent rivals.

(5) A reference to a communist resistance group of the FTP-MOI organization composed of immigrant workers in France. Responsible for numerous attacks against the Nazis and collaborators, they were arrested, tortured and shot.

(6) General Massu would sadly be distinguished during the war in Algeria, at the head of the paratrooper division.

(7) At the time of the second trial of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the U.S. Navy bombed the outskirts of Beirut, and the hinterland, in the context of the conflict between the Lebanese resistance and the "Force International Peacekeeping "deployed by the imperialist powers in Beirut after the Israeli withdrawal. Fighter-bombers of naval aviation and the guns of the battleship New Jersey made dozens of victims. Super-Etendard bombers of the French Naval Aviation also participated in the bombings.

(8) Lebanese locations where American bombing provoked a massacre of civilians.

(9) Palestinian refugee camp where Lebanese fascist Phalange massacred hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. Recall that the imperialists imposed in August 1982 as president of Lebanon the Phalangist leader, Bashir Gemayel.

(10) The U.S. Naval just bombed two Libyan cities.

(11) The "International Force for peacekeeping" had suffered a crushing defeat in Lebanon, including attacks had destroyed the headquarters of U.S. and French troops, killing dozens of soldiers, and causing a withdrawal then collapsed.

(12) Villages of Palestine, whose population was massacred by the Zionists.

(13) It's in Nuremberg where Nazi war criminals were jedged.

(14) later he became defence minister of the French government

Statement 1987 at the trial  26-02-1987

For nearly forty years, our people suffered attacks of all kinds. No weapons fail in this experimentation field where our people was used as guinea pigs. From the beginning of the century until today, nothing was spared by your bosses, speaking about the most infamous criminal conspiracies and the criminal massacres. Destruction and balkanization are combined under the banner of mystifying western human rights. Annihilation, the Americans and their watchdogs the Zionists are at present in charge to perpetrate it as cruel as possible. In balkanization, you Western, Europeans in this case, are the architects, the guardian angels of its continuity.

Our country gentlemen, is occupied, our people are uprooted. Occupants, the aggressors, are clear-eyed blond Western.



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