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Liberate Georges

Liberate Georges

I will not regret, I will not compromise, and I will keep RESISTing

The great lawyer is dead

Publié par Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH sur 16 Août 2013, 00:42am

Jaques VERGES the lawyer of comrade George Ibrahim Abdallah died today (15-08-2013), a great loss not only for comrade Georges and his case for all suppressed in Europe and the world.

Big thanks to a great man : Jacques VERGES.



Bassam Kantar

French lawyer 'Jacques Verges dies

Controversial French lawyer Jacques Verges, whose clients included the lebanese arbitrary detained in france Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and Carlos the Jackal.

Mr Verges became known as "the Devil's advocate" for taking on controversial and high-profile cases.

An anti-colonialist and communist, he defended Algerians accused of resisting France occupation in the 1950s.

Christian Charriere-Bournazel, head of France's main bar association, told the Agence France-Presse news agency that he had been informed of Mr Verges' death by the lawyer's associates.

"He had a fall a few months ago, he had since lost a lot of weight and walked very slowly. We knew the end was near but we didn't know it would come so soon," he said.

Mr Verges was born in Thailand to a French diplomat father and a Vietnamese mother, and grew up on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, where he is said to have acquired his fiercely anti-colonialist views.

In World War II he fought with General Charles de Gaulle's Free French resistance and later joined the French Communist Party.

One of his clients was his future wife Djamila Bouhaired

The International Campaign for the the release of Georges Abdallah lost a brave and a hero.

The struggle continues

With heartfelt condolences to all freedom fighters around the world

The great lawyer is dead
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