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Liberate Georges

Liberate Georges

I will not regret, I will not compromise, and I will keep RESISTing

Conditional release : George Abdallah, determined and implacable. Respect!

Publié par Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH sur 13 Août 2012, 20:59pm

George Abdallah, determined and implacable. Respect!

The multi-disciplinary commission of security measures has prompted its negative opinion:

1 – Because “George Abdallah, who recognizes the seriousness of these facts, claim them as acts of war and resistance...”

Recall that during World War II, the occupation resistants of our country were called "terrorists" by the Petain government. Some of them even had their picture plastered on the walls of the city ...

Also recall the words of Yves Bonnet, head of the DST at the time and responsible of the arrest of George Abdullah, in an interview given by the Depeche du Midi January 7, 2012: "I think he had the right to claim acts committed by FARL as acts of resistance. "

2 – Because “his engagement remains intact” ...

Remember, George Abdallah is a resistant.

In the fighting field, his commitment has not failed and 28 years of incarceration did not shake his convictions. His solidarity with fighting populations and political prisoners has always been expressed.

3 - Because the commission believes that “the strength of his convictions and his commitment may, if the political context was favourable, push Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH to behave again as a determined and implacable activist” ...

If his country is attacked one more time, should he sit back?

Should we recall the 25,000 killed civilians in Lebanon during the imperialist-Zionist invasion of 1982?

Moreover, should prisoners be judged on a potential intent??

Recall that in 2008, following the vote of the “Dati law” about “preventive detention”, the syndicate and union of the judiciary deprecated against this law and a petition against "the life sentence on prescription" was signed at the time. Extract: ... “for the first time in our law, individuals can be locked by court not to punish criminal actions, but to anticipate the actions they did not commit!”

4 - The commission shall, therefore, gives a negative opinion for the application of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah for a conditional release.

In 2009, this commission, had also expressed a negative opinion giving exactly the same reasons ...

Recall the composition of this committee:

Under Article R. 61-8. the multi-disciplinary commission of security measures is made of:

- A President of the Chamber at the Court of Appeal,

- A representative of the regional prefect,

- A representative of the Director of Correctional Services interregional,

-Of a psychiatric expert,

-Of a psychological expert,

-Of a representative of a national association of Victim Support

-And a lawyer, member of the Bar Council.

And the question arises: the opinion of this commission isn’t in the orders of the State, and / or in order of the plaintiff, the United States?

The advisory opinion of the multidisciplinary commission is obligatory, because the courts of sentences application can not grant parole without having previously obtained this opinion.

The court sentences studies this folder in the coming months.

We will not let go our mobilization.

Do not let go!

George Abdallah must be released!

Conditional release : George Abdallah, determined and implacable. Respect!
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Pamela Olsen 21/11/2015 05:53

I don’t waste my free time that’s why I read the informative things when I got this blog I really enjoyed reading this.


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