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Liberate Georges

Liberate Georges

I will not regret, I will not compromise, and I will keep RESISTing

Who is Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH ?

Publié le 24 Juillet 2012, 16:43pm

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is a political prisoner in France (since 22-10-1984), his country Lebanon was occupied by the Zionist regime with the help of NATO forces.

Lebanon has been invaded by "Israel" since 1967 then was mostly free in 25-05-2000. Beirut, the capital itself, was under Zionist occupation in 1982. Georges ABDALLAH was injured twice in these invasions. He was one of thousands combatants barehanded defending their country against a military machine.

His first beliefs started in SSNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party) which refuses the imperialist division of the Syrian nation : refusing Sykes-Picot secret settlement in 1916, just one year before the Belfour promise to Jews to settle in south of Syria (known today as Palestine). In 1919, the US King-Crane commission confirms the will of this people against the imperialist division of the region. Still the region was divided and south was occupied.

Georges resisted as an PFLP member (the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine): a Palestinian Marxist-Leninist organisation founded in 1967. He established the LARF (Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Fractions) trying to stop military weapons transition that destroy Beirut and the Palestinian camps (remember the Sabra and Shatila massacres).

He was life sentenced with 15 years as a minimum sentence. Since 1999 seven requests for conditional releases were denied. In January 2012, the chief of DST (Directorate of Territorial Surveillance) M. Yves Bonnet who was responsible for his arresting declared to the press that M. ABDALLAH has the right to call his actions as resistant actions, not terrorism as he was accused. Yves Bonnet called the court to hear his testimony. He was received in the court on 15-02-2012.

An international campaign for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH was launched in april 2009, from Beirut. Today, support committees are present in France, Lebanon, Tunisia …

The armed resistance had liberated all the Lebanese captive war prisoners from “Israeli” jails (jails in Lebanese territory; in 2000 and in Palestinian occupied territories; in 2008), Georges ABDALLAH is considered one of these heroes and is very respected in his country but in France too where two cities made him their honorary citizen : Calonne Ricouart and Grenay.

In 2003, the French judge accepted his release but the French government under the US pressures appealed the judge decision and the final judgement was denial and rejection in 2004. In France we doubt the independence of law authority from the political one and we consider George I. A. as a political prisoner since 1984.

The Lebanese government asked officially his release during the visit of the Prime Minister MIKATI to Paris in February 2012.

Today Georges ABDALLAH asked for a new conditional release and his country is waiting for the very soon wanted release.

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On en veut plus traité de cette manière. Sympa.
You forget the part where he killed 2 people in Paris. (Oh yeah, and gravely wounded a third.)